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Hello Beautiful Souls,

In 21 days I will help you overcome FEAR, stress, control and that sense that nothing is ENOUGH so you can feel whole again, plenty, accepted and LOVED so you may radiate a new elevated version of yourself and ATTRACT relationships and WEALTH from a place of alignment with highest purpose.

It’s completely understandable why you feel the way you feel. You’re not alone.

Working professionals and caretakers have seen an incredible rise in feelings of stagnation and dissatisfaction in their daily lives.

COVID-19 has forced a massive change in introspection, with forced lockdowns and isolated working conditions.

People have had no choice to spend more time with themselves, considering who they are and what makes them happy.

As an ex-corporate exec myself, I have experienced corporate environment doubts, pressures, and challenges.

And after all my experience, delving deeply into my soul and what the universe wants for me, I can safely guide you to a better version of yourself in time for the Holidays with family and friends.

I’m here to help clear the fog of uncertainty so that you can clearly see what the universe has in store for you.


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The first 7 days are FREE

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7 days of 21 Self-Love eBook


1st. Week, "Love & Peace" Meditation


Meet Your Beloved

21 Days Self-Love challenge


First Week is FREE

You're on your way to Deeper Self-Love. Check your e-mail for the free eBook and meditation. Light and love, Maria Palomino


21 days is all it takes; just 21 days.

Change your life and the environment around you in just three weeks of getting to know yourself again.

We focus on you and how you interpret and interact with everything inside and outside of you.

...Improving your relationships with your loved ones, and, most importantly, a newfound love for yourself.


The wisdom and tools gained are life-lasting, to be utilized and passed on for generations to come.

Quiet your thoughts, feel your emotions so that you can be

comfortable in your own skin, and develop a sustainable healthy relationship with your mind, body, and soul!

Together, we say goodbye to self-hate, self-sabotage, and

guiltiness, and accept ourselves in our entirety and strengths,

authentic, as we hold each other accountable for each milestone.


"Learning to love ourselves is the single most powerful act we can gift ourselves, humanity and the planet" 

- Maria Palomino


This Course is For you if :


* You are ready to commit to your SELF LOVE JOURNEY.


* You are desiring to create a new REALITY in your life


* You are ready to love and ACCEPT yourself without the guilt, shame and dismissing of your true feelings and needs.


* You are ready to be truthful to yourself and others


* You feel STUCK after trying everything and nothing works


* You are ready to look in the mirror and say with CONFIDENCE “You’re all I ever wanted, you’re all I ever needed”


* You are ready to stop BEATING yourself up and NEGLECTING yourself


* You are ready to let go of what other people want you to be


* You are ready to RECLAIM parts of yourself that have been feeling blocked, hidden, suppressed or ignored


* You are feeling HOPELESS after trying everything


* You know deep down there is something more to be experienced


* You are choosing to express not suppress


* You feel separated and isolated and are ready to embrace community


* You Know deep down there is something more to be experienced


* You are feeling disconnected from yourself & are ready to Connect again with All parts of your UNIQUE SELF.


* You find yourself wanting to CULTIVATE more awareness and presence in your life.


* You are ready to dive deep into yourself to learn how to be with who you are so you can discover a new way to heal.


* You are curious & enthusiastic to connect back to the true essence of who you are.


* You want to fully embody your truth.


* You are ready to be on the Journey of evolution and growth.


* You are ready to let go of resistance, limiting beliefs & old Paradigm Patterns.


* You are truly Ready to be FREE !!!


* Your are truly Ready to find your BELOVED

I will help you turn your life around through establishing a new habit in

21 days that is mind altering. Improving the relationship with your loved

ones and most importantly a new found love for yourself. The wisdom

and tools gained are life lasting to be utilized and passed on for

generations to come. Together we say good-bye to self-hate,

self-sabotage, guiltiness and accept us wholly as we hold each other accountable for each milestone.


SIX Milestones

The 6 Steps members are to complete to develop a sustainable unapologetically in depth love with themselves and others.



Invest in your Self-Realization growth through LOVE.


Daily Challenge

Engage in activities


Mind Week

Learn and connect with the 7 universal laws


Soul Week 

Learn and connect with the 10 chakras (energy centers)


Body Week

Learn and understand Ayurveda and Yoga lifestyle.



Dance, sing, SHARE your new found love.

A Little Taste of Deep Self-Love Healing

Inner Child Healing & Unwinding Transmission


Daily Challenge Calendar


Themes & Actions

We Cover EACH Week in the Live Calls


Unlock the Mind

Week 1​ :  11/11/21


  • Daily 3 minutes, “Peace & Love” Meditation

  • Daily Self-Love Challenge

  • The SEVEN Universal Laws: 









  • Slowly silencing the restless thoughts

  • Getting out of our comfort zone to breaking old habit and start new patterns

  • Understanding ALL is ENERGY through the Seven Universal Law

  • Observing how all is Frequency, Vibration and my ROLE to CHANGE what I’m vibrating

*  Mindfulness  of MANIFESTING thoughts, beliefs  and words 

* Gaining TRUST and love for SELF by showing up each day.


Connect with your Soul

Week 2 :  11/18/21


  • Daily 5 minutes, “Peace & Love” Meditation

  • Daily Self-Love Challenge

  • The TEN Universal Laws: 


2. THIRD - Eye










* Easing the worrying chatter to FEEL and SIT with our emotions

* Emotions that were stagnant are being released to be more FREE
*Authenticy with Self is building to speak our TRUTH

* Regaining power given away to feel WHOLE again

 * Accepting more aspects of ourselves,  including the EGO with kindness and gratitude

 * Starting a relationship with the Inner Child that holds the  secrets of our subconscious

 * Sense of WORTHINESS is High.

* Satisfaction of seeing yourself better than you were yesterday

 * WILL  and COURAGE  to speak our truth is building


Revitalize your Body

Week 3:  11/25/21


  • Daily 7 minutes, “Peace & Love” Meditation

  • Daily Self-Love Challenge

  • Ayurveda Principles




4. AIR



  • Ayurveda DOSHAS






1. Awaken Life Force Energy

2. Yoga in the West vs. East

2. Yoga & Meditation Similarities

3. Dance


* Feeling safe, secure and ACCEPTED by self, the earth & universe

 * Found LOVE and Connection with your Beloved

 * Showing up for ourselves and loved ones as our highest GENUINE version

 * Feeling of being a unique human being that MATTERS in this world

 * Entering a state of PRESENT awareness Here & Now

 * Knowing of making an impact in the world

 * Putting in motion a more conscious new reality

 * Stronger Immune System

 * Deeper connection with our body

* MIND + SOUL + BODY Alignent



You Get Inside

1.    21 Live Calls
2.    E-book on 21 days of
SELF LOVE Energy Healing 
3.    3 professionally recorded, “Peace & Love” meditations corresponding to each week of the program 
4.    21 Recordings of the
SELF LOVE challenge 
5.    Bonus: Building
EGO relationship 
6.    Bonus: Full Moon
MANIFESTATION ritual on (Nov.19th)
7.    21 Engaging Inspiring
SELF LOVE exercises
8.    Private access to
9.    Access to book a private energy healing session, inner child regression/ consultation with Maria. Only open to members of 21 days program. 
10.    33% discount on private sessions. Only open for the first 30 people who sign up.
11.    Raffle chance to be a guest at “All Things Spirituality” podcast to talk about your experience.
12.    33% off our next Challenge or Course on Inner Child Healing, Shadow Work, Goddesses, Energy Healing Facilitator and more. 



Value at $444

Today at $222

Devine Energetic Exchange

Special at $111

When leaving a review at
"All things Spiritually" podpoast 


Send the screenshot to recieve the Coupon code


Guarantee: 100% money back between

the first 7 days of program. No questions asked. 


A Message from Maria

Hello  Beautiful Soul,

Are you ready to meet your Beloved and Awaken your Self-Healing Powers to Remember your highest divine purpose?


Here’s a SECRET.


The 21 Days SELF LOVE challenge is more about Unlearning the layers of limiting illusions that have led us to neglect our Greatness and Full Potential.


The quickest way to awaken your Self-Healer and start living a life beyond your wildest dreams is by remembering that You Are THE HEALER.


I’m Maria, your devoted empowerment guide to the embodiment of your highest divine expression through sacred ancient teachings that are supported by experiential energy healing sessions.


This is your invitation to SELF LOVE. An INITIATION to the path of your soul’s True purpose.

Aligning the Mind, Soul and Body.


Light and love,


Maria Palomino



How will the Live Calls be transmitted?  

Via Zoom. Be sure to download and test zoom if you’re new to the platform. All calls will be recorded and shared after each session.

What time are the Live Calls?

It’s hard to find a convenient time for everyone with various time zones in play. Which is why the live calls will be recorded and uploaded right after.

  1. PDT 6:30 AM   (Los Angeles)

  2. CST 7:30 AM  (Mexico City, Chicago, Costa Rica)

  3. EDT 9:30 AM  (Miami, New York)

  4. GMT 13:30 (London)

  5. CET 14:30  (Switzerland, France, Germany, Denmark)

  6. EET 15:30 (Egypt, Greece)

  7. WITA 21:30  (Bali)

  8. AEDT 00:30 Midnight (Sydney)

Refund policy?

100% money back guarantee between the first 7 days of the program. No questions asked. Anything after November 17th is non-refundable.

I’ve never mediated before, I don’t know if I can do this?

The meditation program is designed specifically for beginners.  Note that it starts with only 3 minutes the first week, 5 minutes the second week and 7 minutes the third week.

Did you know that 21 days of consistent meditation grows neural pathways on your brain of new positive behavioral reinforcement.

Why 21 Days?

21 days is the MINIMUM time amount it takes to start building a new habit. What’s important to me is to deliver teachings that are sustainable. Lasting for generations to come.  Which is why I’m showing up every single day to guide you through your process. I know the importance of being around positive reinforcement when we’re breaking old stubborn habits. Which is why DAILY is key to not fall off the wagon and create a new behavior.

Why are we starting on November 11th (11:11)?

"The number one is about new beginnings and fresh starts, and when you combine more of them together, you amplify their energy — which makes November 11 a manifesting powerhouse." Eleven is the number of spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

And truthfully what makes 11:11 even a much stronger manifestation day is the intentionality of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Yes, it’s exactly like a massive prayer. That’s the power of the collective.

The program seems overwhelming for me but I still want to join. What do you recommend?

The program is designed for you to go as slow or as fast as needed. That is why the live calls will be recorded for you to go back and learn about the topics of the 7 Universal Laws, 10 Chakras and Ayurveda on your own time.


My recommendation if there’s just one action you can take on to build a new SELF LOVE HABIT is to meditate everyday. It starts with only 3 minutes the first week, 5 minutes the second week and 7 minutes the third week.

21 days of consistent meditation grows neural pathways on your brain of new positive behavioral reinforcement.

See how you feel after the first week or second week. You just may surprise yourself on the new found eagerness to take on the daily SELF LOVE challenges.

Will I still receive the same SELF-LOVE Energy Healing  if I’m not present on the LIVE call? 

YES! Energy doesn’t know time and space. Therefore, it’s incredible how the videos hold the energy of the teachings and transmissions. I’ve personally done and received numerous remote/distant healings and it’s just as powerful as being in person. It’s potent. There are many testimonials on my page and of many others that teach on-line as well.

Are we doing Yoga, do I need a mat?

Everyday there’s different self-love action but none of them is doing actual yoga movements where you would need a mat. Movement, yes on the last week specially.

What People are saying 

An uncontrollable flow of tears overcame me. It was incredibly beautiful. The warmth spread all over and I became light as air and I could breathe freely for the 1st time in weeks.



 I was having a mental breakdown from my job. Her healing was grounding, and reconnected me to my inner child


Los Angeles

I could feel so much energy flowing through my body, especially my lower chakras.  Even after the session, my body was still vibrating and had lots of bowel movement. It's truly a profound experience!




BIO of Maria Palomino,

Maria Palomino is a Self-Healing empowerment guide for souls seeking to live their highest divine purpose through sacred ancient teachings and energy healing sessions.

First and foremost I’m an energy healer who is also a higher consciousness thought leader, author, spiritual ceremonies facilitator, yoga, meditation and breath-work teacher. I empower individuals with tools and techniques to Self-Heal, leading to remembering their true highest purpose.

I was born in Peru and raised by a devotional grandmother. I’m the daughter of a powerful highly intuitive Peruvian Mother who is a natural born shamanic healer. My father is an indigenous artisan and andean music artist. I myself was born with my own unique healing gifts that awaken stronger each day.


Maria’s Spiritual Experience,

Trainings and Roles


Spiritual Retreats

  1. Initiation & Activation retreats in Egypt

  2. Pyramids and Temples retreat embodying the Goddess in Egypt

  3. Various Yoga, Meditation Retreats in Bali

  4. Energy Medicine Retreats in USA

  5. Bhakti Retreat in Switzerland

  6. Wild Women Retreat in Turkey

  7. Sat Nam, Yoga Festival in California

  8. Ayurveda retreat in Bali

  9. Pyramids retreat in Mexico

  10. Goddess; Divine Feminine retreat in UK (England & Scotland)

  11. Plant Medicine retreats in Costa Rica (Rythmia)

  1. Host of, “All Things Spirituality” podcast

  2. I AM (Yo Soy) Path - Graduate of the one year program under master teacher, Matias de Estefano out of  Cairo, Egypt.

  3. Master Energy Healer - Graduate of the one year Life Force Energy school.

  4. Self Realization Fellowship - 10+ years  life student of the teachings of Ascended Master Paramahansa Yogananda on Kriya Yoga.

  5. Kundalini Yoga Teacher - Graduate of the one year kundalini training

  6. Kriya Yoga Practitioner

  7. Reiki Practitioner

  8. Energy Healing Techniques Teacher

  9. Ayurveda Practitioner - Yogic Science of Life

  10. Meditation Techniques Teacher

  11. Breathwork (Pranayama) Techniques Teacher


Where Have I Been,

Activating Sacred Sites

  1. Machu Picchu & Lake Titicaca in Peru

  2. Great Pyramid & Temples in  Egypt

  3. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

  4. Mount Agung & Mount Batur in Bali, Indonesia

  5. The Sahara Desert, Morocco

  6. Petra, Jordan

  7. Tikal & Lake Atitlan in Guatemala

  8. Chiang Mai, Thailand

  9. Victoria Falls in Zambia/Zimbabwe

  10. Amazonian Jungle in Ecuador & Peru

  11. Glastonbury & Stonehenge, UK

  12. Mount Fuji & Temples in Japan

  13. Hagia Sophia & Cappadocia in Turkey

  14. Pyramids of Teotihuacan, Tulum & Chichen Itza in Mexico

  15. Temple of the Savior on Spilled Blood & Peterhof in Russia

  16. Iguazu Falls in Argentina/Brazil

  17. Trinidad, Cuba

  18. San Blas Archipelago, Panama

  19. Arenal Volcano & hotsprings, Costa Rica

  20. Sedona, Lake Shrine & Yosemite in USA

  21. Ruins of Copan, Honduras

  22. Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii & Dolomites in Italy

  23. Luang Prabang, Laos

  24. Capetown, South Africa

  25. Halong Bay, Hue & Hoi An in Vietnam

  26. Desert of Atacama, Chile

  27. Uyuni Salt Flat, Bolivia


The Time is Now,

Beautiful Soul

I see you, I hold You and I'm here for you.

What are You waiting For?

  • Invest in Yourself

  • Your Evolution

  • Your Embodiment

  • Your Growth

  • Your Radiance

  • Your Innate Unique Wisdom

Let’s do this together and journey towards SELF LOVE for 21 days.

I am Awaiting You ...

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