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Are You Ready to Let GO of Limiting Beliefs, Release Wounds and STOP Self-Sabotaging yourself? 

Ready to Fulfill my Wildest Dreams, Find Peace of Mind, Feel Worthy, Loved, Rich and Abundant!

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Congratulations! The 7 Steps to SELF-MASTERY Inner Child Healing Starts with the FREE MasterClass below. 
Step 1 Meet & Greet Your Inner-Child and let it know its' safe and loved. 

In this Masterclass we will discover our

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Presented by Maria Palomino,
Self-Mastery Energy Healer 

I was a child of abandonment, but I only realized the pain and trauma of my parents leaving me when I was much older. 

I had numbed my feelings to protect myself from all that hurt at the fragile age of 3 years old. 

I became strong and independent because I wasn’t going to trust anyone with my heart again. 

For most of my life, I had been longing for the love, warmth, and acceptance that I thought only a mother could provide.

Until I truly discovered Self-Love focusing on reconnecting with my  Inner-Child.

Once I genuinely accepted my mother completely, for who she was and what she felt she had to do when I was a little girl,  was I able to honor our paths together as is. And it was at that pivotal moment of surrendering with much love, that I became EMPOWERED

Realizing that it was up to me, to give my little girl the LOVE and NURTURING she was longing.

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Confetti Girl

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