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Ready to Become a
KA Facilitator?

Requires a minimum of 3 months training learning to channel and sustain the Life Force Creative Energy. The Accredited Certified Alumni will have practiced transmitting the Vital Energy both in-person and on-line. 

All KA Facilitators are  trained live by Maria Palomino. 

KA Facilitators are trained to hold compassionate space from a place of FULL TRUST supporting the KUNDALINI Awakening journey with an open heart.

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$666 Discount for
Intensive Weekend Trainees
Exp. Aug. 21st

KA ENERGY HEALER Training  is a DOUBLE CERTIFICATION as a KA Facilitator and Energy Healer.  In addition to Facilitating KA, the graduate will also learn to give  intuitive readings such as:

  • Aura Clearing

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Energetic Cord Removal

  • Contract Cancelling

  • New Belief Reprograming & more

A complimentary KUNDALINI AWAKENING  healing modality to be a channel of higher frequency.

BRIDGE OPTION for Intensive Weekend Trainees

A Special BRIDGE training for INTENSIVE WEEKEND trainees to become a
KA CERTIFIED facilitator.


Sacred container that will Strengthen your KA Channel and boost your TRUST to start facilitating. 


We will meet every other week On-line for two hours.

Required practical assignments 

Opportunity to ASK QUESTIONS 

Everything from your personal development to holding space for others.


Since the weekend training was more EXPERIENTIAL, we will have a better understanding of energy from a scientific perspective. 


As well as the energy teachings from other ancient cultures around the world that have tapped into the KUNDALINI Energy.



at the speed that we start becoming lighter from dense energy that lives within us from this life time, lineage, past life times and future time. 

We will continue to hold space for Sacred Healing and be able to ASK QUESTIONS of our Experiences for ALL to learn together.

All sessions will be recorded and up on the Web Portal w/in 24 hours.


In addition you will be able to use the KA LOGO for your own promoting.


Be featured on the KA website as an official facilitator.


Meet the rest of the KA family to gather up and do events

TOGETHER around the



Learn & practice to transmit the KA energy ON-LINE


New practices on how to further awaken your Kundalini Energy will be introduce. 


And the one thats' very FUN, is learning about the science and effect behind the MUSIC.


 Plus, creating your own KA Playlist that is ACTIVATING


We have a beach event with Silent Headphones that we're planning for the last weekend of August in LA with all the local KA Certified Facilitators. 


Those who registered will

have the opportunity to  participate as facilitators.

More being planned out for September & October

Collectively in NY & CA

What You Will RECEIVE:

Do you feel the Soul Call? 

We Start August 23rd
Every Other Wednesday at 5PM PST

Early Bird Pricing of $666 expires EOD on July 31st, no exceptions. 
Price after is $888

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If you're leaning more towards becoming a Kundalini Activation ENERGY HEALER which is the DOUBLE certification, you may put the $666 towards that training that starts on September 13th.

Just let me know & I will create a special link with the discount of $666. 
Must register
 by August 21st.

Option is to either graduate as a KA Facilitator through the Bridge program for $666 OR do the KA Energy Healer Program. 


“The most surprising in my self discovery through the training was finding that I was setting myself FREE from energies that are not mine, past traumas and old belief systems. Everything from sexual abuse to feelings that I’m not worthy and not enough.””
Emma Lang: KA Energy Healer

"Through out the period of healing & releasing,
I experience profound GROWTH and TRANSFORMATION. 
I shed layers, old patterns and beliefs that allowed me to evolve to a more authentic self.”
Marlen Lopez: KA Energy Healer

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