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Tuesday, June 4th

Sunday, June 9th

 Early Bird & Bring a Buddy Special

Ready to Skyrocket your FREQUENCY to higher levels?

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Kundalini Activation

During a KA session, your natural state of consciousness will adjust to a higher frequency which connects you to your original essence and provides DEEP HEALING.

KUNDALINI is Life Force energy that is the greatest human potential and probably the most mystical and seek after force in the human body. Activation of Kundalini is a holy grail of many practices because it has a powerful, profound effect on the human body, mind, and spirit.


Once activated, it unleashes a mechanism within the body that can heal, transform, upgrade your DNA and even connect you with super consciousness taking you back to the source.

5 KA Facilitators

Think of each facilitator being ONE Bandwith of internet. Now multiply it by FIVE. We are Creating a MEGA CHANNEL of Energy INFLUX to have a transformational healing session.


Each facilitator is a KA Energy Healer meaning they've also completed the 12 weeks Energy Healing certification knowing how to create sacred space and contain it for only the highest good to be channeled.  


June 4th   6PM - 8PM

June 9th   3PM - 5PM

   Tara Yoga Centre

25-31 Ironmonger Row

EC1V 3QW, London

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London 5 Facilitators Reel (2)_edited
London 5 Facilitators Reel (1)
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What to Bring


  • yoga mat

  • bolster

  • tea


  • eye mask if sensitive to light

  • bottle of water

  • Open heart & empty mind

Arrive 10 minutes early

Want to become a KA Facilitator?

LONDON   June 7 - 9 

BALI   July 13 - 20


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