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FREE 12:12 PORTAL Kundalini Activation

12th Chakra Soul Star of Divine Love

  • Online Session via ZOOM

Service Description

The 12:12 Cosmic PORTAL opens to access the gateway of Divine LOVE and Spiritual Wisdom through our SOUL STAR 12th Chakra. ✨ Happy Birthday to me. I’m a 12:12 Portal baby. Come celebrate with me on the NEW MOON 🌕 in Sagittarius ✨ I’ll be channeling from the HEART 💗 Chakra of the world in Glastonbury, UK. ✨ We will be traveling to new astronomical frequencies with the NEW CYCLE of the New Moon in fiery Sagittarius that is optimistic, enthusiastic, adventurous, honest, outspoken and independent. When: Dec. 11 & 12th Time: Los Angeles @ 11:00 PM on Dec.11th Miami & NY@ 2:30 AM on Dec.12th UK @ 7:00 AM on Dec.12th France & Spain @ 8:00 AM on Dec. 12th Bali @ 3:00PM on Dec.12th The 12:12 Cosmic PORTAL opens to access the gateway of Divine LOVE and Spiritual Wisdom through our SOUL STAR 12th Chakra. ✨ 12 is the # used to connect with the Ascended Masters through the Golden Codes at our 12th chakra “SOUL STAR”, located 12 inches above our head. The Soul Chakra is the gateway to the star and higher frequencies. ✨ Together we will unlock the golden codes to reach Christ Consciousness "supreme love for all of humanity" on 12:12, my Birthday 
 ✨ 12:12 is a code portal, activating our MERKABAH field which aligns the human heart to connect to UNITY Consciousness. ✨ In Egyptian Numerology, 12 symbolizes self-mastery. It is a cycle number and a portal of transportation to the higher realms.There are 12 hours on the Clock, 12 months in a year, 12 disciples of Jesus, 12 nodes of the planet. ✨ 12:12 is one of the most powerful number sequences in the Universe and if you experience it, you are about to go through a major SHIFT and period of incredible GROWTH and ABUNDANCE. ✨ Come receive this nourishing, celestial, self-healing KUNDALINI energy on the 12:12 PORTAL, when the energy will be AMPLIFIED to MANIFEST our Wildest Dreams! KUNDALINI Activation "KA" is a transmission of Life Force Energy which enters from the top of the crown, down towards the root chakra and gradually builds up and eventually begins to flow in both ways. The benefits vary from Emotional LIBERATION, increased clarity and focus, feelings of unconditional LOVE, renewed BALANCE within oneself and the external environment, HEIGHTENED of physical & mental energy and AWAKENING of spiritual gifts, etc. KA has the potential to induce transcendent states of awareness as well as facilitate deep personal healing. Light and love, Maria Palomino KUNDALINI Energy Healer

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11 Manhattan Beach Boulevard, Manhattan Beach, CA, USA

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