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INCA Offering Ritual - Despacho

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Special NEW MOON Kundalini Activation Ceremony - ANDEAN Ritual You will be creating your own offering to Mother Earth "Pachamama" As an initiated INCA Priestess I'll be holding sacred space and have with me the sacred COCA LEAVES to open the sacred Inca Ritual. HAVE READY: *Gift Paper (any) around 11x11 or bigger *Rose petals / Flower Petals *Rice, beans, candy, seeds, fruits *cinnamon, sugar *Cotton, figurines or cut outs of what you'd like to manifest *red & white liquids. wine or cranberry juice *Threat or lace to wrap the offerings into the gift paper It's okay if you don't have certain paper, grains or flowers. We will write it down with intention. I'll be creating the "despacho" for the group regardless. Light and love, Maria Palomino

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