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Energy Medicine Healing

Are You READY to Unleash Your Full Potential and Live Your Wildest Dreams?

What People Are Saying

Happy Artist

 I could feel so much energy flowing through my body, especially my lower chakras.  Even after the session, my body was still vibrating and had lots of bowel movement. It's truly a profound experience!


Vocalist in Curls

 I was having a mental breakdown from my job. Her healing was grounding, and reconnected me to my inner child and cleared some pain around my heart.

Los Angeles

Woman in Suit

An uncontrollable flow of tears overcame me. It was incredibly beautiful. The warmth spread all over and I became light as air and I could breathe freely for the 1st time in weeks.


Headshot Young Girl

 That was the first time in my adult life that I can say that external irritants didn’t bother me.  It was a great feeling.  Almost euphoric. I was so impressed that I felt so calm.


Energy Healing Benefits

Energy Healing Benefits - Mind Soul Body
  • Discover Inner Peace

  • Clear Negative Emotions

  • Build Resilience to Stress

  • Release Addictions and Habits

  • Relax and Experience Stillness

  • Connect To Your Intuition

  • Hear Your Soul’s Calling

  • Experience Oneness

  • Discover Your Faith

  • Live with Intention & Mindfulness

  • Know Your True Nature

  • Increase Immunity 

  • Balance Heart Rate & Blood Pressure,

  • Manage Pain

  • Ease Muscle Tension

  • Clear Toxins

  • Sleep Better

Energy is Medicine! 

Designed with long lasting effects in mind to pass on to generations to come.

  • Self-Love Energy Healing

  • Manifest Abundantly with the Universe 

  • Inner Child Healing 

Energy healing has no limits because the universal energy field has no limits.

  • Improves Mood

  • Build Resilience to Stress

  • Removes Energy Blockages

  • Enhances Intuition

When we co-create intentionally MAGIC happens to re-pattern a new reality

“Everything is ENERGY. Your thought begins it, your emotion amplifies it and your action increases the momentum.”
- Universe

Maria Palomino Kundalini Activation Facilitator and Energy Healer

Hello Beautiful Soul, 


Are you ready to Awaken your Self-Healing Powers and Remember your highest divine purpose? 


Here’s a SECRET

The Self-Healing journey is more about Unlearning the layers of limiting illusions that have lead us to neglect our Greatness and Full Potential. 


The quickest way to awaken your Self-Healer and start living a life beyond your wildest dreams is by remembering that You Are THE HEALER. 


I’m Maria, your devoted empowerment guide to the embodiment of your highest divine expression through sacred ancient teachings that are supported by experiential energy healing sessions. 


This is your invitation to Self-Love. An INITIATION to the path of your soul’s True purpose.

Aligning the Mind, Soul and Body.

Light and love, 

Maria Palomino

Learn your relationship with the Universe and TRANSFORM your dreams into reality.
The Law of Attraction, Manifestation & Abundance already lives within you. 



Have you been waiting on a podcast

that speaks the unspeakable and lets you in on the secrets of Spiritual Awakening?

ALL THINGS SPIRITUALITY introduces self-discovery, soul-awakening tools that helps you remember your Soul’s True Purpose to start manifesting a conscious reality. 


Every soul is unique, meaning no spiritual path is the same.


Feel every conversation and let your mind, body and soul guide you to what is unique to only you. 


It’s a Soul’s Resonance of Remembrance


Now, take a deep breath, drop into your heart and listen from within.


Maria Palomino

About Strip


Maria Palomino Kundalini Activation Process Healer

Maria Palomino


My name is Maria Palomino, a Self-Healing empowerment guide for souls seeking to live their highest divine purpose through sacred ancient teachings and energy healing sessions. 


First and foremost I’m an energy healer who is also a higher consciousness thought leader, author, spiritual ceremonies facilitator, yoga, meditation and breath-work teacher. I empower individuals with tools and techniques to Self-Heal, leading to remembering their true highest purpose.

I was born in Peru and raised by a devotional grandmother. I’m the daughter of a powerful highly intuitive Peruvian Mother who is a natural born shamanic healer. My father is an indigenous artisan and andean music artist. I myself was born with my own unique healing gifts that awaken stronger each day.

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