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From Humble Beginnings to Corporate world and Now a Spiritual Leader

The universe always wants what is best for you.

I was raised by my grandparents in Lima, Peru, and back then, I didn’t know the difference, but my parents had left me behind and had migrated to the USA when I was 3-years-old. 

I only reconnected with my mother again when I was 9.  

I was a child of abandonment, but I only realized the pain and trauma of my parents leaving me when I was much older; participating in an Ayahuasca ceremony enabled me to truly see and accept the pain that I had endured when my mother left. 

I had numbed myself to protect myself from all that hurt at such a young age.

I became strong and independent because I wasn’t going to trust anyone with my heart again. 

For most of my life, I had been longing for the love, warmth, and acceptance that I thought only a mother could provide.

Only after I stopped putting pressure on my mother to love me the way I wanted to be loved or say what I wanted her to say to bring me comfort did I truly discover Self-Love

Once I accepted her completely, for who she was and what she felt she had to do, I was able to honor our paths together as is, and that is when I became EMPOWERED! 


By no means did everything fall into place when I had reached that moment in my life. 

It has definitely not been easy, and obstacles did get in the way…


But now,


 I have accepted myself,  my faith in the universe, and reached a greater state of peace and enlightenment. 

Well, in 2019, my entire life was turned upside down.

While on vacation in Indonesia, I was getting ready to pitch my forecast call to a room of other executives.

But instead, my expectations were shattered when the call turned into an exit interview, and I was let go.

Flat panic, my stomach knotted, and the floor fell out from beneath me.


I had been so sure of everything leading up to this point, and my mind was desperately trying to fix the situation.


Later that day, I had a tour booked, and while my mind continued to spiral, I decided to go. 

The universe was listening, and it sent me a sign.


An enormous black butterfly crested my head and calmly placed itself there without me noticing.

I later saw a photo of myself from the tour and was shocked but strangely comforted. I knew that everything would be okay.

The universe let me know I would be fine; all I had to do now was listen.

So, I still didn’t have a job eight months later, and I was okay with that.


There was a reason I didn’t feel that any of the companies I interviewed were the right fit.

And eventually, I realized that if I pushed my way back into corporate, I would lose this intimate connection that I had started to develop with myself and the universe.

I left my successful corporate career to focus all my attention on my spiritual growth and the unknown. Although scary, it was also exciting and comforting.


My travels and commitment to my spiritual awakening even before I left the corporate world have given me sacred, ancient wisdom and have awoken my gifts as a healer in this life and past lives. Mainly with my voice which is something I never would have imagined.


I traveled the world visiting over 50 countries: attending retreats, workshops, walking sacred lands, studying with yogis, healers, shamans, and leaders of higher consciousness.


I began to question my purpose.


How was my spiritual awakening going to impact my life moving forward?


I remember thinking, “I’ve walked this spiral for what?”


After reflecting and meditating on the future and the now, I knew that I had done this for me but that there were others out there, in darkness, blind to their true calling, their “highest divine purpose”.

I had changed my entire outlook on life and myself so that I could be of service. To share my story, teachings, and healing gifts for others to REMEMBER their calling.


To inspire, encourage and guide those ready to, “Journey Within” because truly knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. 


My wish is for all to experience unconditional self-love and become the hero of their journey. 


I relinquished the hold of my past life and surrendered to what the universe was telling me. 


Open up to the UNKNOWN

Believe in MIRACLES

There’s a HIGHER PLAN for you.


My focus shifted to my spiritual growth, and I put myself into that process 100%. 

I realized that if I forced it, the universe would close the paths eventually because that was no longer my path. 


The path now is WITHIN, Here and Now

And so I AM


Four years + after leaving the corporate world, my life has changed completely.

NOW, I host the All Things Spirituality Podcast, interviewing souls that hold ancient wisdom, writing children’s books on the fundamentals of spirituality, and creating spiritual programs that help others journey within to awaken and embody their inner god-goddess creator. 

Light and love,

Maria Palomino

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