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April 15 - 21,  2024

Sacred Valley of the INCAS 
Cusco, Peru

 7 days / 6 nights 

SPIRALING Inwards to Self, Cosmos and Nature
An INCA INITIATION for both women & men.



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An INITIATIC retreat in the magnificent Sacred Valley of the Incas to recover ancient memory, develop consciousness and evolve spiritually. A call to receive the forces of the living divine feminine and masculine energy of nature and empower ourselves in the knowledge of the Andean Cosmovision and the Sacred Rainbow. 

Maria Apaza

Altomisayoc Priestess 

INCA PRIEST / PRIESTESS INITIATIONS  by María Apaza and family.  Maria is 96 years old and is the only female altomisayoc (spiritual priestess) of the Q'ero nation speaking only Quechua. 

The Q'ero nation, in upper Cusco, is considered the
last ayllu (community) of the Incas and its maximum spiritual authority is María Apaza who speaks with the Apus (Spirit of the mountain.) She is the highest spiritual representative of the Peruvian Andes and is the living jewel of one of the most authentic traditions in South America. 

most important magical rank of the Q'ero nation. One can only reach high rank if chosen by nature. In Maria's case, she was struck by lighting in her mid twenties while walking alone in the mountains and survived after having died. She woke up to the smell of burning flesh but with no tissue damage. 

Altomisayocs are considered
the only sacred intermediary that has direct and tangible contact with the consciousness and spirit of the sacred mountains (apus) and Mother Earth (Pachamama.)


Located in the Sacred Valley of Peru, we will tap into the ancient wisdom of one of the most powerfully, energetic, centers of the world. 

We will spend 7 days and 6 nights on a deeply spiritual INITIATION to some of the most sacred, protected sites in Peru drinking in the energy, wisdom and secrets of the ancient culture. 

A reconnection with PACHAMAMA (mother earth) and TAYTAINTI (father sun). 


We will be visiting Panoramic, Colorful, Sacred sites to enhance our INCA INITIATIC Priestess, Priest journey.

By walking out in nature, smelling the soil, conversing with locals, tasting the rich flavorful food, listening to the native music and learning the arts of the land, we will better integrate and remember all the WISDOM WITHIN



Maras salt pans in the Sacred Valley were originally constructed by the Wari civilization, which predates the Inca.


The salt mines have more than 3000 pools of different sizes and dimensions, which are fed by salt water that comes from the subsoil of the Qaqawiñay mountain. T

In addition, to the incredible panoramic view of the salt mines, the market offers  local product: chocolates, candies and even beauty products, as well as body creams with the local salt.



Ñaupa Iglesia

The Inca GATEWAY into another time. The Cosmic Portal to another Dimension. 

One of the most powerful Huacas "energetic centers" in the sacred valley that is a secret gem. 

The energy that is emitted in the altar with its doors and spirals leads to another dimension. It is a sacred place with much energy.


We will do our own ceremony after our Pampamisayoc  (Priest/ess) INITIATION. 



The Andean Pisac town has become the most popular destination in the Sacred Valley – and it’s not just because of its proximity to Cusco. The small, Andean community still keeps its traditional way of life


The confluence of Andean traditions and new-age mysticism – throw in plenty of textiles and souvenir shopping.

Pisac is a perfect example of Inca city planning still intact. You’ll find your narrow, cobble-stoned streets that lead to the Plaza de Armas. When walking around, look up and you’ll be able to spot the magnificent ruins etched into the canyon side.

Pisac is probably most well known for its shopping. Store-after-store-after-store will offer you classic Andean souvenirs.

Machu Picchu 

Before or after the retreat visit Machu Picchu, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. 

Only a couple hours away from the retreat center.


*At your own expense



We will receive Andean codes of high vibration in natural temples of Pachamama, mountains, waterfalls and archaeological sites.

Accelerating the
awakening and ascension of the new human being, free of fear, free of blockages, free of duality to ascend to higher dimensions of love and reciprocity with everything that exists as guardians of life and all creation.




Personalized despacho will be created in conjunction for each INITIATE at a powerful sacred vortex. 

A despacho is a ceremony honoring Pachamama (mother earth), the sacred Apus (mountains) and the spirit in all of nature.

The Andean people believe all are connected and as a way to show continuing appreciation and gratitude for the crops we eat, the water we drink and the land we live on. 


A despacho is an act of love and a reminder of the connections we share with all beings, elements, spirits, and sacred places.  At the deepest level, it is an opportunity to enter into the essential unity of all things, the living energy of the universe.. 

MISHA - The Altar of Power

We will learn how to build and activate our own Misha. Using it to establish a concrete communication with the living energies of Nature, and how to specifically use the Khuyas (stones of power) that make up the Misha, to finally understand the various applications in healing and spiritual practices.

Misha is what in other traditions is known as the packaging of medicine made out of sacred stones "khuyas."


In the Andean lineage of María Apaza, the 'khuyas' constitute the vital sacred objects for initiations, healings and oracles. The 'khuyas' are the blessed stones - daughters and direct heirs of Pachamama - that are obtained from a place of great power.

Khuya means “affection.” The items you gather into your misha bundle are objects infused with your munay, or love. They represent your ayni connections to teachers, the most important spirit beings, places you have worked such as temples or sacred sites, and the most important, loving, transformative events of your life and people in your life.


These khuyas are gathered together and wrapped in a cloth, which is the misha.



Mama Coca

According to an Andean prophecy: the COCA leaf represents for the indigenous people; strength, life, is a spiritual food that allows them to get in touch with their divinities "Apus, Achachilas, Tata Inti, Mama Quilla, Pachamama".

The Andean Priests connect with the spirit (sacred mother) of the divine plant through a mysterious power in a higher conscious state. This practice was carried out ancestrally by the first cultures in South America, cultures older than the Incas.


The Masters specialized in coca leaf reading, come from Queros, Ausangate, Paucartambo and other regions of Cusco-Peru.

Coca leaf reading workshop will be given. 


Is a Direct Energy Transmission that Activates the KUNDALINI AWAKENING Process.
During a KUNDALINI ACTIVATION (KA) session, your natural state of consciousness will adjust to a higher frequency which connects you to your original essence and provides DEEP HEALING.


There will be at least  3  Kundalini Activation transmissions  for the Initiatic Retreat. 

During a KA session, Kundalini Energy, "LIFE-FORCE Energy" is activated in a safe and secure way via TRANSMISSION while you lay down and SURRENDER.

YES, a gentle FEMININE modality of RECEIVING the amount of energy one is prepared to deal with and integrate in the vital system. In this way, one is never at risk of going through the shock of any sudden AWAKENING that we are not prepared for.

It is a direct transmission of Life-Force energy that supports the awakening of your own innate Kundalini energy. An intelligent energy in its natural process giving your chakra system exactly what it needs at that specific moment in time.

KA is a transmission of LIFE FORCE Energy which enters from the TOP of the CROWN, down towards the root chakra, gradually builds up and eventually begins to flow in both ways.

To learn all about KA and book a Virtual session prior to the retreat, please visit here,


Day by Day

  1. April 14th.: Fly to Cusco from Lima -  Arrive a day earlier to the capital of the INCA empire to rest and get acclimated to the colonial city at  an altitude of 3,400 meters (or 11,152 feet).   
    LIM is the airport code for the International airport at the capital of Peru in Lima. From Lima fly and hour and 20 minutes to Cusco, airport code CUZ.  
    Taxi to the city of Cusco from the airport is only 10 minutes and the rates is no more than $10. 


  2. April 15th.: FIRST Day of retreat -   Bus will transport guests from Cusco to the retreat center in the Sacred Valley.  The duration is about 1.5 hours to the heart of the magical sacred valley. 
    Welcome ceremony with Maria Apaza & Family, Cacao ceremony, Kundalini Activation, Option to go to SPA.

  3. April 16th: Second Day of retreat -  Waterfall purification, Andean Cosmovision workshop, Coca Leaves workshop, Misha workshop, Kundalini Activation, Option to go to SPA.       

  4. April 17th: Third Day of retreat -  First INITIATION at Quillarumiyoc (moon temple), Visit to Maras Salt deposits, Kundalini Activation, Despacho fire ceremony.                           

  5. April 18th: Fourth Day of retreat -  Second INITIATION at Apu Pachatusan , Visit Pisac town and market, Kundalini Activation, Despacho fire ceremony.

  6. April 19th: Fifth Day of retreat -  Third INITIATION at Ankasmarca, Personal Coca leaf readings or visit local waterfall next to property , Kundalini Activation,  Fire ceremony.  

  7. April 20th: Sixth Day of retreat -  Kundalini Yoga, Practice receiving and giving healings with your Misha (Andenean Altar). Farewell to Maria Apaza and family. Visit to Naupa Iglesia, Kundalini Activation, Option to go to Spa. 

  8. April 21st: Seven & Last Day of retreat -  Kundalini Activation, Option to go to the Spa.
    Bus back to Cusco around eleven or option to go to Machupicchu via Ollantaytambo ruins at your own expense. 

KARPAY Ceremony

LOCATIONS of Shamanic INITIATIONS as a "Pampamisayoc"



First Sacred Site of PURIFICATION.

 Energetic cleaning to clean our energy field of densities accumulated by emotions, thoughts and influences from our environment instead of power



Second Sacred Site at the temple of the MOON where we will receive our FIRST INITIATION as Pampamisayoc. 


* The Q"eros will prepare PERSONALIZED Despacho that will be offer to the FIRE in the evening ceremony.

* Two Khuyas "sacred stones" for Misha.



Apu Pachatusan

Third Sacred Site at one of the four Apus that protects Cusco. 


The name Pachatusan means, "one that sustains the Earth" in the Quechua language.


* Personalized Despacho

* Two Khuyas "sacred stones" for Misha.



Fourth Sacred Site at th Pre-Incan ruins with an elevation of 4,198 meters where we receive our third and final initiation by the Q'eros. 

* We will receive an Empowerment INITIATIC healing with Khuyas. 

* Two Khuyas "sacred stones" for Misha.

* Activation of our own  Misha "Andenean Altar."


AYNI "Reciprocity"

AYNI refers to the concept of reciprocity among people of the Andean mountain communities. 

The Quechua word for this
MUTUALITY is “ayni”, meaning “today for you, tomorrow for me,” suggesting that giving comes before receiving.

The AYNI for the 6 nights, 7 days INCA INITIATIC Retreat to become a "Pampamisayoc" Priestess / Priest 
CERTIFIED INCA HEALER with Maria Apaza begins at $3,555.  




Shasta Included (5).png

Does not INCLUDE

  • International or Domestic Flights 

  • Any accommodation prior to retreat beginning on April 15th

  • Taxi from Cusco airport to Cusco city (cost is around $10) 

  • Any meals in Cusco city prior to retreat starting.

Lock your SPACE

DEPOSIT of $1,111

2nd. Payment - $1,111 by February 28th
3rd. Final Payment - Remaining by March 31st

PAY IN FULL before January 31st  & receive a
FREE SPA night w/ private andean massage


Triple Room


4/15 - 4/21

$3,555 / person


Double Room


4/15 - 4/21


$3,777 / person


Single Room

Kan Kan

4/15 - 4/21


$3,999 person



4/15 - 4/21

$1,111 / person


First Come, First Serve

  1. Pitusiray -  named after the great Apu (Mountain spirit) which overlooks the center. It is a 2 story building that consists of, 4 TRIPLE Rooms.
    Each with a bathroom, and a balcony which has amazing views of the valley.  See picture below.

  2. Sawasiray -   Newer guest houses in Munay Sonqo. It is a 2 story building that consists of, 4 DOUBLE rooms each with a bathroom, and a  majestic fireplace and lounge space on the first and second floors.  See picture below.                                    

  3. Kan Kan - one of the new Cabins. It consists of two SINGLES rooms with private bathroom. Reserved for one person per cabin. See pictures below.


Pitusiray 1.jpeg
Pitusiray 3.jpeg


Sawasiray 2.jpeg
Sawasiray 1.jpeg

Kan Kan

Kanakan 1.jpeg
Kankan 1.jpeg
Kankan 2.jpeg

Payment Options

  1. Credit Card -  All major credit cards. Visa, MasterCard, Amex accepted. 

    • Deposit - $1,111

    • Pitusiray: Tripple-$3,555

    •  Kan Kan: Double - ​​$3,777

    • Sawisaray: Single - $3,999

      PAY IN FULL  & Receive: FREE SPA w/ massage + 1 hour Private Healing w. Maria Palomino

  2. Zelle -  for USA ​

  3. International Bank Wire - For all countries.           


      In each case it is the responsibility of the sender (Client) to pay for all the wire           fees associated with the transfer. Any fees not paid will need to be settled          upon arrival at Munay Sonqo retreat center. Payments are to be made in US        dollars

       Recipient Name:  Maria Palomino

       Account Number: 598520325

       Bank SWIFT Number: CHASUS33

       Routing Number: 322271627

       Address: 1411 Manhattan Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA, 90266

       USD $ is the foreign currency to be used for the transfer

       * After making a payment please e-mail me with a screenshot of payment &                              indicate the type of room. 




Maria Apaza

Highest Spiritual Authority Altomisayoc- Qeros Nation.  She has traveled almost all over the world. To mention some of her visits, Holland, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Egypt and Poland, in addition to meeting twice with the Dalai Lama. She is a simple sweet woman



Manuel Jerillo Apaza

Q'eroS Nation, Pampamisayoc.
 Medicine man, son of Maria Apaza and International Speaker.

Has initiated hundreds into the mystery force of nature not only in Peru but also in Mexico and Egypt.

Master in reading the Oracle of the Coca Leaves.



Jorge Samata Apaza

Qeros Nation, Pampamisayoc, Paqo Andino. 


Eldest son of Maria Apaza.

More than 12 years of experience lecturing and Initiating others into the Q'ero lineage. 

 Traveled to Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru



Maria Palomino