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WELCOME to KA Memberships

KA Membership Plans

Awaken Your LIFE FORCE Energy

  • Yearly Membership

    Every year
    24 Kundalini Activation (KA) Ceremonies
    • Access to 2023 previous recordings
    • 24 LIVE KA Transmission
    • Full Moon & New Moon Ceremonies
    • Two Ceremonies per month
    • Recording Available if can't attend LIVE
  • Monthly Membership

    Every month
    2 Kundalini Activation (KA) Ceremonies
    • 2 LIVE KA Transmissions
    • Recording Available if can't attend Live
    • Full Moon & New Moon Ceremonies
    • Theme Ceremonies with practices
    • Cancel at any time

*All KA Ceremonies are via ZOOM

What people are saying

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An uncontrollable flow of tears overcame me. It was incredibly beautiful. The warmth spread all over and I became light as air and I could breathe freely for the 1st time in weeks.

Los Angeles


 I was having a mental breakdown from my job. Her healing was grounding, and reconnected me to my inner child.  Cleared some pain around my heart, allowing me to release with tears.

 I could feel so much energy flowing through my body, especially my lower chakras.  Even after the session, my body was still vibrating and had lots of bowel movement. It's truly a profound experience!

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