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Quantum leaps towards your highest potential require NOT just shifting your mindset & actions, but uncovering and releasing hidden energies in the subconscious level.

When our energy frequency rises, our Kundalini
"Life Force Energy" 
rises, providing abundant healing. 

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ALIGN Your Energy

HIGHEST Potential

But what does this mean? You've probably tried various modalities by now that have lead you
HERE & NOW with an unexplainable calling of truth from within.
You have a life vision and can probably taste your deepest desires.

You journal and say your mantras out loud.

You are grateful and share your positivity with others. 

YET, Despite all these RIGHT doing,
something is MISSING!

There's a VOID inside that has lead you to this page. 

Is this you Beautiful Soul?

      Your soul is guiding you to learn beyond the 5 senses.

      Feel there are traumas and blockages that are not letting you express your most pleasurable self.

      There's an Inner Dance inside your body that has a mind of its own.

      You've had a Kundalini Awakening and your world is changing fast.

u don't understand what's happening and have become
highly sensitive to energies.

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Love Temple Diagrams.png
Love Temple Diagrams.png
Love Temple Diagrams.png
Love Temple Diagrams.png

      You feel alone and think no one will understand or even afraid of what you're releasing.

      Have been practicing other energy healing modalities and you're ready to take it to the
next level.

      You're highly spiritual and may even channel yet GROUNDING is foreign since you're always up at the higher realms making it difficult to manifest on earth.

      You crave a
spiritual community that will welcome your unique soul journey.

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Love Temple Diagrams.png
Love Temple Diagrams.png
Love Temple Diagrams.png


You're exactly where you need to be.

NOW, we take it from here

Maria Palomino Glastonbury Abbey

I've been in your shoes.
have tried everything to include long intense plant medicine journeys
 and Spiritual Ashrams.

ALL has served it's purpose and honor my spiritual path.

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What I have gained from my spiritual travels to sacred vortexes is the wisdom of tuning to my 


Being lead by my Highest Self and SURRENDERING to the path that serves my highest purpose.

A Life Journey that has Awaken Spiritual Gifts and continues to unfold since there are NO Limits.

A Path WITHIN guiding me to help others remember their DIVINITY & connect with their Highest Self.....

SO they too can be lead by the
CREATIVE Life Force of
Unlimited Opportunities. 

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LOVE Temple

A sacred online container meeting twice a month on the height of the
New and Full MOON.
A PORTAL of HIGH FREQUENCY Loving Energy where we Heal and Awaken Spiritual Gifts.

LOVE Temple

IS designed to further Awaken Your KUNDALINI  Energy navigating the natural FLOW of the
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Advance Members 

What members are saying...

Woman in Suit


An uncontrollable flow of tears overcame me. It was incredibly beautiful. The warmth spread all over and I became light as air and I could breathe freely for the 1st time in weeks.

Vocalist in Curls

Los Angeles

 I was having a mental breakdown from my job. Her healing was grounding, and reconnected me to my inner child.  Cleared some pain around my heart, allowing me to release with tears.

Happy Artist


 I could feel so much energy flowing through my body, especially my lower chakras.  Even after the session, my body was still vibrating and had lots of bowel movement. It's truly a profound experience!

LOVE Temple

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What You Will RECEIVE

TWO Monthly LIVE Ceremonies
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  • Real time HEALING

  • Live Access to Maria

  • Opportunity to ask LIVE questions

  • WISDOM teachings

  • Channeled meditations 

  • Full KA transmissions

  • Shamanic Rituals 

  • Oracle Message 

  • Initiations

  • Healing TOOLS

  • Soul Family Community

  • Private Telegram Group

  • Recordings access

    💜 Upcoming Ceremony THEMES:

    • Dragon Energy / Ganesh Obstacle Remover

    • Relationship Healing / Pleasurable Attraction

    • Ancestral Healing / Cord Cutting

    • Abundance Manifestation 

    • Goddesses / Angels 

    • Sacred Geometry / Mer.Ka.Ba 


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KA Ceremonies

KUNDALINI ACTIVATION "KA" transmissions are an essential part of the MOON gatherings which is why they're named KA Ceremonies. 


  • Energy Update

  • THEME teachings

  • Drop into our hearts & Quiet the Mind

  • Vocal Toning 

  • Channeled meditation & Invocation

  • Intention Setting

  • Burn ritual

  • Full KA transmission

  • Oracle message

  • Q & A


  • New Moon & Full Moon 

  • 1 Hour 45 mins

  • Via Zoom 

  • Recording available

THEMES are inspired by the energy of the Stars  and whichever elemental, goddess, ascendent master or ancestors that are of the Highest Good only, start coming through to share their wisdom.
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KA Transmissions

Are astonishingly powerful, navigating DEEP in the subconscious to release what has been hidden from us. 
"You don't know,
what you don't know."
KA is a Feminine Energy healing modality of NO MIND. It's the art of SURRENDER. 

All one has to do after we have tuned in and set our intentions is lay down and receive the HIGH FREQUENCY loving energy while listening to curated music.

Ready to Accelerate your  SOUL's


  • READY to bring BALANCE to your masculine and feminine energy? 

  • READY to Uncover HIDDEN truths that live within? 

  • READY to be part of a COMMUNITY of like minded souls? 

  • READY to FLOW with the natural cycles of life? 

  • READY to Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts

  • READY to ALIGN your energy to its highest potential?


I Welcome you to the

LOVE Temple

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Membership Plans

Awaken Your LIFE FORCE Energy

  • Monthly Membership

    Every month
    2 Kundalini Activation (KA) Ceremonies
    • 2 LIVE KA Transmissions
    • Recording Available if can't attend Live
    • Full Moon & New Moon Ceremonies
    • Theme Ceremonies with practices
    • Cancel at any time
  • Yearly Membership

    Every year
    Unlock 2023 VAULT
    • $63 SAVINGS
    • 24 LIVE KA Transmission
    • Full Moon & New Moon Ceremonies
    • Two Ceremonies per month
    • Recording Available if can't attend LIVE

*All KA Ceremonies are via ZOOM

KA Ceremony

Friday, July 19th _8AM PST.png