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Dorcey - USA

After  witnessing a tragic hit and run accident on my way home and being the first on-scene to perform CPR on a young lady, who ultimately succumbed to her injuries. I was left numb with a complete loss for words. I  couldn't speak of the event even with my loved ones. As the days passed, that choking feeling turned into anger, guilt and and intense sadness. Anger that I couldn't warn her. Guilt that I wasn't able to keep her alive while doing CPR. Sadness, that someone so young, with a full future ahead was gone. The fragility of our existence was so very real.


As the weeks went on, I was barely hanging on, the nightmares, the replaying of events during the day, I was a hurricane of emotions that were set off by a simple deep exhalation sound of anyone around me. 


At that point, I went to do a session with Maria, the ache in my chest was almost unbearable and I felt I could no longer take a deep breath. Without any expectations of what the outcome would be, I surrendered to the safe & soothing environment Maria had created for me. 


During our session, it was relaxing until I felt that ache in my chest intensify as if an elephant sat down on it and it burned as if a bonfire had been lit. An uncontrollable flow of tears overcame me... It was incredibly beautiful...the warmth spread all over and I became light as air and I could breathe freely for the 1st time in weeks. I felt light and at peace.


In the days following our session, I  was overcome by an overwhelming feeling of acceptance. I felt happy once again but with deep serenity.

Now, months later, I have come to embrace the event that woke me up. I am grateful to Maria for helping me release the pain that had been trapped within me. I have been set on fire.

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Sofia - Los Angeles

When I went to get a healing from Maria, I was feeling heavy and sad and confused. It was a difficult moment for me, and I was looking for clarity and relief. I was having mental breakdown from my job and was also feeling lonely.


Maria was gentle and loving and kind with me, and made me feel right at home immediately. Her healing was grounding, and reconnected me to my inner child, and cleared some pain around my heart, allowing me to release with tears and really letting go. After the session, I felt lighter and clearer, as if a weight had been lifted. It was soul cleansing and life affirming.

Happy Artist

Julie - Switzerland

Since the session, I don't feel much physical discomfort anymore.  The tightness in my throat is gone and I feel more aligned within. Now, I’m able to step out of negative thoughts more quickly and live a more peaceful and joyful life.


Thank you sooo much, Maria, for the amazing energy healing session! Your explanation at the beginning really helped me understand how the energy medicine works. During the healing, I could feel so much energy flowing through my body, especially my lower chakras.  Even after the session, my body was still vibrating and had lots of bowel movement.  I experienced lots of purging and releasing the next few days physically and emotionally, especially self doubt, self criticism, and the overwhelming feeling from the daily workload. I feel so much lighter now! It's truly a profound experience! 


Thank you sooo much again for the amazing session, which has unlocked my blockage! I can now open up myself and share the truth within me to anyone around me!!!! 


And thank you for the angel card as well, which is exactly what I need! What a powerful message and synchronicity. I've had some visions that I should share my experiences and the teachings I've learned to my family, friends, and even coworkers.  But I was still afraid how they might think of me.  Now I know it's time for me to step out of my comfort zone and be the true artist that I am!!!!

Smiling Businesswoman

Brenda - Ohio, USA

Maria (and her mother) performed a healing on me during her full moon and cacao ceremony and the pain was taken away from my body for the first time in weeks. She provided a safe space and healing container for us to explore ourselves and the desires of our souls. I am very grateful to have a powerful and healing woman like Maria in my life.

Riana - California

Immediately after having been diagnosed with a stage 3C breast cancer, I decided to completely change my life and started working on both the physical and emotional healing that I needed.  

I had no doubt that my lifestyle and choices contributed to my health issues. I changed my diet to plant-based and started feeling better.  

My friend Maria had recently immersed herself in healing practices such as Reiki. Although I had never heard of Reiki before she introduced me to it, I was open to trying it as I was a bit curious.

One of the things that I believe was a contributor to my poor health at such a young age was my inability to deal with stress. I have met many other younger women who believe the same thing- that we haven’t managed stressed properly and it took a toll on our bodies.


So I saw Maria in an effort to start transforming my mental / emotional state.  We had our first session and I noticed that I felt extremely relaxed but didn’t think too much about it.  I just assumed it was the environment and her soothing voice and being in the moment while focusing on a bigger picture. However, what I noticed was that afterwards I continued to feel just as relaxed. 

This is where the story gets interesting. After our session, I went to the mall to pick up a gift. Without thinking, I noticed that some children were running around and screaming.  Not very well behaved youngsters. Normally, I would feel irritated that people cannot control their children and allow them to be disrespectful to that extent. However, I was still in such a relaxed, almost trance-like state that although I heard them, it didn’t bother me in the slightest.

That was the first time in my adult life that I can say that external irritants didn’t bother me.  It was a great feeling.  Almost euphoric.

I had to touch base with Maria the next day because I was so impressed that I felt so calm for nearly 24 hours. I understand that this type of “calm” is something that we have to work on before it sets in permanently. 

I also have to add that in the 8 months that I was very disciplined with my diet and mental state, my very “aggressive cancer” had just stopped growing. I was having tests and we were impressed that the cancer stopped spreading without chemo or radiation.  

There is definitely something to be said about the mind, body, and soul connection.

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Ellen - USA

I sought out Maria a month after the doctors couldn’t help me with a pain I had on the left side of my chest, shoulder and arm. In the past, I had seen Maria for mental and emotional ease but not for physical discomfort.


In one session, the pain completely disappeared. It was miraculous. She only asked a few questions prior to the session and figured out my physical pain was due to an excessive amount of emotions I was having a hard time releasing after an Ayahuasca retreat. I had seen and learned so much from mother Ayahuasca but I was having a hard time genuinely forgiving people that had done me wrong. I was in such a shock and part of me was angry. After the session, Maria explained I had let go of some emotional blockages. How everything in life has a purpose. And if anything, those people were my teachers. With her help I learned to forgive a little more but most importantly, forgive myself.


She is very humble and intuitively gifted. Never takes credit and tells me nothing could be done unless I allow it and surrender. That ultimately I am the one that’s healing myself and she’s a channel. 


Grateful to have found Maria. 

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Tamara - Bali, Indonesia

I met Maria summer of 2020 in Los Angeles and somehow are paths crossed in Bali this year. Upon reconnecting with her, she generously offered me an energetic reiki session. Our session felt natural and spontaneous and it happened on the beach where we were both drawn to a sign that said “good vibes”.  I had a beautiful serene session with Maria. She used the rose oil and it’s frequency which I deeply resonate with. I felt calm and peaceful during and after the session. As she chanted some words and was working through my chakras the sunshine came out of the clouds and started to shine upon me. 

She also offered me a card reading after which was aligned with my intentions. Maria is generous and full of wisdom and she walks her talk when it comes to doing the inner work. I consider her a great teacher.

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