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Ep. 1: Ayla Schafer

Soul Healing Medicine Music

Ayla is a multi-lingual singer-songwriter who is known as “‘A voice of the Earth’’ with her song, “Vuela con el Viento” that has over 15M downloads. A visionary musical artist weaving together a stunning repertoire of original poetic songs with traditional and tribal music.

You will be blown away as she sings for us, “I AM A Gypsy Soul” a song that was inspired when she arrived in Peru with not a single penny to her name and realizing she’s  provided for always.

She shares her intimate alchemizing experience of rebirth after having spent time out in nature with the Native Americans of the USA, the Aztecs in Mexico and Incas in Peru. 

She even opens up the conversation with an earthy grounding tune-in that connects us to the core of the earth. 

Podcast All Things Spirituality  - Maria Palomino Ayla Schafer

Welcome Gods and Goddesses Creators to All Things Spirituality podcast with yours truly, Maria Palomino.

A sacred sanctuary that speaks the unspeakable and lets you in on the secrets of Spiritual Awakening.

Introducing self-discovery, soul-awakening tools that helps you remember your Soul’s True Purpose to start manifesting a conscious reality.

EVERY SOUL IS UNIQUE meaning no spiritual path is the same.

Feel every conversation and let your mind, body and soul guide you to what is unique to only you.

It’s a Soul’s Resonance of Remembrance.

Now, take a deep breath, drop into your heart  and let us begin beautiful Souls Creators.

Light and love,

Ep. 2: Ma Sarita

Cosmic Orgasm & Tantra Arts Healing

Get ready to throw out the windows anything you think you know about sexuality. Ma Sarita, who studied directly with Osho for 26 years, demystifies the taboos around Tantra and re-educates us of it’s true meaning as a path towards Spiritual Enlightenment, through Love & Meditation.

Then it gets juicy as we learn about our sexual anatomy, biological reactions thus the potential for COSMIC ORGASM. She even explains the mental causes of addiction to sex, porn and partners for us to learn how to prevent and most importantly not judge.

Remember that your spiritual path is unique to only you and for Ma Sarita her path is the Arts of Tantra.

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Ep. 3: Isabelle VonFallois

Miracle Angel Healing & Guidance

What a true blessing to converse with ANGEL channeler @isavonfallois.


She shares with us her fascinating story,  when the angels started appearing to her at such a young age. After fighting for life and death for 4 years she had a profound encounter with Archangel Raphael that changed her life forever and helped her to heal,  guiding her back to health, giving her precise information.

Isabelle carries so much wisdom from a true aligned god-goddess creator,  so be prepare to receive the healing messages.
Remember, every soul is unique and for Isabelle channeling the frequency of the angelic realm is her gift.

Ep. 4: Malaika MaVeena

Embody the Wild Woman in You

A Global Movement facilitator with Shamanic, Tantric Earth Goddess roots, Malaika is of Canadian Jamaican Ancestry who spent years living amongst different indigenous cultures from Africa & Australia to South America.

She brings a wealth of Earth wisdom for personal and planetary awakening having walked the Shamanic path for a lifetime

I personally call her Mama Gaia, Mama Bali because when you’re around her you just naturally want to embrace and love the earth. When I first met her in Los Angeles, I immediately gravitated towards her earthy codes that in two days I had booked a flight to Turkey and in two weeks I was in Turkish Mediterranean waters embracing my rawness divine pure nature with Malaika undergoing her Wild Woman’s retreat.

I’m so thankful for the life work Malaika has lead changing thousands of women and men’s life as she stays true to her wise shamanic roots. 

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