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During a KUNDALINI ACTIVATION session, your natural state of consciousness will adjust to a higher frequency which connects you to your original essence and provides DEEP HEALING.
  • Are you looking to EASE STRESS and ANXIETY

  • Are you seeking LIBERATION? 

  • Are you wanting to Awaken your Spiritual Gifts? 

  • Do you need more CLARITY and Sense of Direction? 

  • Are you craving to Heighten your Intuition? 

  • Feel more Compassion and Empathy? 

  • Become more MAGNETIC?

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IS DIVINE Life Force energy that is the greatest human potential and probably the most mystical and seek after force in the human body. Activation of Kundalini is a holy grail of many practices because it has a powerful, profound effect on the human body, mind, and spirit. Once activated, it unleashes a mechanism within the body that can heal, transform, upgrade your DNA and even connect you with super consciousness taking you back to the source.

KA is a transmission of Kundalini. It is a natural, intelligent process that requires nothing but surrender. In Buddhism, there’s a concept called “zen mind,” or “beginner’s mind.” They say that the mind should be like an empty rice bowl. If it’s already full, then the universe can’t fill it. If it’s empty, it has room to receive. Surrender is a process of emptying the mind.

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How is Kundalini Activation Different?

Kundalini Activation is a transmission of LIFE FORCE Energy which enters from the TOP of the CROWN, down towards the root chakra, gradually builds up and eventually begins to flow in both ways.


It is a Top, Down approach bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH. 


In other active, self-induced modalities such as Kundalini Yoga, Breath-work exercises, Qi Gong and more, the coiled Kundalini Energy at the ROOT chakra is FORCED to be raised up the chakras with heavy breathing exercises, long pauses, hand and eye focus and so on. It is a Down to Top approach. In Kundalini Yoga for example, we have specific exercise for each chakra to move up the energy. 


Kundalini Activation on the other hand is the Art of SURRENDERING, of just BEING and learning to RECEIVE. No more DOING. 


To receive the transmission all you have to do is lay down, close your eyes, surrender to the energy and not have any expectations. 


IS DIVINE Life Force Energy that is the greatest human potential and probably the most mystical and seek after force in the human body. Activation of Kundalini is a holy grail of many practices because it has a powerful, profound effect on the human body, mind and spirit. 

Once activated, it unleashes a mechanism within the body that can heal, transform, upgrade your DNA and even connect you with super consciousness taking you back to the source

KA is a transmission of KUNDALINI and non-dual energy. It is a natural, intelligent process that requires nothing but to surrender.

In Buddhim, there's a concept called "zen mind, " or "beginner's mind." They say that the mind should be like an empty rice bowl. If it's already full, then the universe can't fill it. If it's empty, it has room to receive. SURRENDERING is a process of emptying the mind. 

WHAT is Kundalini Activation? 

During a KA session, Kundalini Energy, "LIFE-FORCE Energy" is activated in a safe and secure way via TRANSMISSION while you lay down and SURRENDER.

YES, a gentle FEMININE modality of RECEIVING the amount of energy one is prepared to deal with and integrate in the vital system. In this way, one is never at risk of going through the shock of any sudden AWAKENING that we are not prepared for.

It is a direct transmission of Life-Force energy that supports the awakening of your own innate Kundalini energy. An intelligent energy in its natural process giving your chakra system exactly what it needs at that specific moment in time.


KA is an energy TRANSMISSION, not a self-generated process, meaning you only need to lay back, relax, and receive in order to benefit from the practice.

It is the path of surrender (not a path of the will) that creates possibilities for healing, higher states of consciousness and a deeper connection to All-That-Is.

What could happen during a
KA session

Activated Kundalini may have a profound impact on your well being and bring you back to your center, to equanimity. Throughout all of time, spiritual seekers have initiated kundalini process to begin the ascent of this energy up the spine, which eventually leads to spiritual enlightenment.


There are several manifestations of awakening kundalini, and you might experience all of them or some of them:

  • spontaneous movements, often yoga poses, even if you have never done yoga

  • involuntary shakes, twitches, crawling sensations – trauma/stress release

  • intense heat, sweating, cold

  • the feeling of electricity circulating the body

  • spontaneous pranayama (change of breathing) 

  • mudras

  • bandas, also called body locks –  strong contractions, accumulations of the energy often at the base of the spine, in the stomach area (solar plexus) or neck/chin (throat chakra)

  • pains in different areas of the body

  • visions, colors, or sounds often associated with different chakras

  • pressure in the skull

  • wave of euphoria

  • sudden deep insights and realizations

  • the feeling of deep bliss and love

  • emotional releases: laughing, crying, screaming

  • the feeling of electricity circulating the body

  • feeling of the universal love, bliss

  • making sounds: talking, humming, singing

  • the surfacing of unwanted or repressed feelings, thoughts, emotions, and past memories 

  • shifts in consciousness

  • stillness or heaviness of the body

Everyone has their own unique experience, and it is best not to base your expectations on anything you read or see. The more you try to control the process, the more you will hinder it. Some people are more wired for movement, some for visions, and some for voices. Even if energy keeps you still, it is still working. What happens in a session is not as crucial as shifts you will experience after the session.

Sharing is an essential part of the process. After the session, many find it hard to find words to describe their experiences. However, talking about it helps to integrate and open our perception to new ways to heal, expand and learn. Ultimately we will discover a new language of the body and energy.

What are the Benefits?

Emotional LIBERATION, increased clarity and focus, feelings of unconditional LOVE, renewed BALANCE within oneself and the external environment, HEIGHTENED of intuition, physical & mental energy and more.

KA has the potential to induce transcendent states of awareness as well as facilitate deep personal healing.

My personal favorite is Development of Spiritual Gifts

What to expect after the session?

  • you won’t have to put all your energy into suppressing anymore

  • you will get your energy back, and you can start using it to create what you want in life from the place of the heart

  • you will become more of yourself; you will experience your true nature, a powerful, unlimited being you truly are

  • you will be able to heal yourself, self regulate yourself, and even upgrade your DNA

  • you will get clarity of mind and a sense of a purpose

  • your senses will enhance: taste, touch, smell, vision

  • the tone of your voice can change

  • the scent of your body can change

  • you will feel more connected with nature, and people around you

  • your intuition will become stronger

  • you will stand in your truth and find your voice 

  • you will be able to make better choices for yourself, and you won’t be able to do things that  don’t serve you

  • you will feel more, but at the same time, you will be able to hold a space for your emotions to play but not to take over your well being or a sense of judgment 

  • you will connect to your deep primal wisdom

  • you might get a download of information

  • you will connect to a cosmic consciousness

  • you will awake your highest potential

  • you will liberate yourself from that which has been holding you back

  • you become whole, at peace, blissful, and aware

  • your body chemistry will change

  • you will become more of yourself, your true self

  • you will feel alive

  • your habits will change (eating, exercising)

  • you will experience the source/God/super consciousness

  • you will stand in your power, stand in your knowing

  • you will be able to express yourself fully

  • you will be able to create healthier boundaries

  • you will be able to manifest your true desires into the physical world

  • you will deepen your connection with your body and its natural rhythm

  • you will heal your relationship with your body

  • your sensuality and sexuality will open

  • you will get liberated from cravings/addictions 

  • your brain will rewire, releasing the programming of the subconscious mind

  • you will experience a profound transformation of the consciousness, experience infinite love, universal connectivity, bliss, deep inner wisdom, enlightenment 


Awaken your LIFE FORCE Energy

KA Membership Plans

  • Monthly Membership

    Every month
    2 Kundalini Activation (KA) Ceremonies
    • 2 LIVE KA Transmissions
    • Recording Available if can't attend Live
    • Full Moon & New Moon Ceremonies
    • Theme Ceremonies with practices
    • Cancel at any time
  • Yearly Membership

    Every year
    Unlock 2023 VAULT
    • $63 SAVINGS
    • 24 LIVE KA Transmission
    • Full Moon & New Moon Ceremonies
    • Two Ceremonies per month
    • Recording Available if can't attend LIVE

POST Kundalini Activation 


By changing your vibrational field, your natural state of consciousness will adjust to a HIGHER FREQUENCY which connects you to your original divine essence.

You may feel the energy for the next couple of days. Pay attention to any internal changes and your behavior. You may become MORE SENSITIVE and feel more connected to your INNER WISDOM. It’s important in the following days to be aware of your energy levels and to listen to what your body tells you. For example, you may need more rest, or crave different foods, DREAMS CAN DIFFER, or sleep can become deeper. You may experience more CLARITY or INSIGHT.


The after effects vary amongst individuals.


To make the most out of your KA session, it is recommended but not required to hydrate up to an hour and fast for about 2 hours.

Bring your yoga mat to lay on, and wear comfortable clothes. Blindfolds are optional if they will help you surrender deeper to the process.


Typically the spine should be straight during activation; therefore, we don’t recommend pillows; however, your comfort during the session is a priority if you have a neck/back issue.


You might get hot or cold, often both, so please wear layers. Cushion to sit on during introduction and sharing is also optional. 

If you would like to go deeper into the practice, having a journal dedicated to KA will help integrate and monitor the process. Each session builds on the last one. For beginners, it is recommended to participate every two weeks in the class. Eventually, monthly sessions should be sufficient to keep the growth.

For more in depth preparation and format information visit the preparation page.



KA; KUNDALINI ACTIVATION has the tendency to bring us back to our WELL-BEING.


Beyond the dimension of our rational thinking brain, of all of our worries, concerns, and personal history. 


To a dimension of consciousness that rests in ETERNAL AWARENESS and in THIS place we know that every circumstance is temporary.


In this place is PEACE, BLISS, EASE from suffering, and a truly divine remembrance.

A kundalini transmission is a profound form of energy work which has the capacity to help bring you back to center and even AWAKEN YOUR OWN ENERGY SYSTEM for greater stability and power in your every-day life, outside of the container of the class.


There Are NO Prerequisites! 

To experience the KA "KUNDALINI ACTIVATION" transmission, NO previous experience, physical ability nor spiritual practice is required.


KA is suitable and beneficial for anyone who would like to try out the unique experience of feeling in touch with their innermost selves again. 


The experience will re-connect you to your VITAL ENERGY and gradually sweep away those ENERGETIC BLOCKAGES caused by dense life experiences like stress, bad habits or traumas.

The only ability required is to SURRENDER.

Like what you see? 
We can discuss hosting private Events. 

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