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Transmission from Giza Plateau in Egypt after privately visiting the Great Pyramid the day before on EQUINOX .


Be Part of a NEW BIRTH CYCLE, Raising Consciousness as we connect with the Higher Powers of Egypt on the NEW YEAR of the Astrological Year. 



The Equinox Portal of Divine Union is open to help us create new beginnings from a place of more balance & love.


I just finished walking the INITIATIC Path up the Nile River, being inside the King's chamber of the great pyramid the day before on a private ceremony. All meaning, the energy is exuberant HIGH. The higher the frequency, the faster we can manifest.


Listen and receive the healing energy. Travel to your divine TRUE ESSENCE, journeying to the ORIGIN of ALL THAT IS.

DOWNLOAD KA Transmission and be on your way to make the new Astrological Year of 2023 the most magical year full of unexpected pleasant surprises for our Soul Evolutionary growth. 



You can do it any day or time if you can't start on a New Moon. What's important is that your HEART is open to Surrender and Receive. 





  • Home - Find a place where you can lay down on a solid flat ground if possible. Avoid using a pillow. It’s better if your back is straight.

  • Sound - Very important to be able to hear the music loud. It’s okay to wear ear pods. 

  • Light - You may wear an eye cover if that’s a preference. However, it is required to maintain your eyes closed at all time to go within.

  • Food - Do not eat anything for at least 1.5 hours prior to the session. Preferably 3 hours. Drinking water is okay. Avoid caffeinated drinks. 

  • Attire - Comfortable clothes where you can move around in the ground, stretch your arms and lift your legs. No shoes. Wear clothes that will keep you warm since body temperature drops when you’re laying down.

  • Alcohol - Avoid for 24 hours prior to the session if possible for best results. 


Be ready to be TESTED by the UNIVERSE at the beginning afterwards. 


The ABUNDANT UNIVERSE is testing to see if you really are READY to receive in a BIG WAY. Note your self-sabotaging patterns when we don't appreciate the little things in life. 



Maria Palomino

Kundalinni Activation Energy Healer

EQUINOX / NEW MOON Activation from EGYPT

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