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99 PORTAL KA Transmission $9.99

Saturday, Sept. 9th: 9AM PST / 17:00 UK

  • 9.99 US dollars
  • Online Session via ZOOM

Service Description

Special PORTAL Kundalini Activation Transmission Within the realm of spirituality, numbers often carry profound symbolism. Spiritual potency INTENSIFIES opening gateways to higher realms and unlocking the boundless potential of our consciousness. The Celestial Alignment of the 99 Portal aligns to our favor with the Cosmic Forces creating a powerful surge of POSITIVE energy and BLESSINGS. It presents a golden opportunity to manifest our desires, heighten our spiritual awareness and embark on a journey of profound transformation. Let us seize this auspicious day to align ourselves with the abundant cosmic flow and embrace the infinite possibilities that lie ahead. The number 9 holds great symbolic significance both in numerology and Philosophy. The repetition of the number 9 on the 9th day of the 9th month creates a unique energetic gateway associated with completion, enlightenment, and renewal/rebirth. Via: Zoom Los Angeles @ 9 AM Miami, NY & Colombia @ 12 PM UK @ 17:00 / France @ 18:00 ✨  Recording Made Available w/ in 24 hours. ✨ Join us to connect to your divine TRUE ESSENCE! Journeying to the ORIGIN of ALL THAT IS to better prepare yourself and know you're in community with the changes that are coming. KUNDALINI Activation "KA" is a transmission of Life Force Energy which enters from the top of the crown, down towards the root chakra and gradually builds up and eventually begins to flow in both ways. The benefits vary from Emotional LIBERATION, increased clarity and focus, feelings of unconditional LOVE, renewed BALANCE within oneself and the external environment, HEIGHTENED of physical & mental energy and AWAKENING of spiritual gifts, etc. KA has the potential to induce transcendent states of awareness as well as facilitate deep personal healing. THERE ARE NO PREREQUISITES! To experience KUNDALINI ACTIVATION (KA) no previous experience, physical ability nor spiritual practice is required. KA is suitable and beneficial for anyone who would like to try out the unique experience of feeling in touch with their innermost selves again. The experience will re-connect them to their VITAL ENERGY and gradually sweep away those ENERGETIC BLOCKAGES caused by dense life experiences like stress, bad habits or traumas. The only ability required is to SURRENDER. DISCLOSURE: The session will be recorded for those who can't make the live transmission. Light and love, Maria Palomino

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11 Manhattan Beach Boulevard, Manhattan Beach, CA, USA

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