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Healing Yourself

Updated: Nov 18, 2021


Purple flower in my garden
Purple flower in my garden

We are more powerful beyond imagination. In every moment, we are creating our reality.

The truth is that we came here to shine our light. To shine our gifts that are unique to only us. This is why we are here on this planet at this time. We didn’t choose to come and live the generation of our grandparents or parents nor did we choose to be born later in the generation of the ones being born now. We are here to be our parent’s teachers and to learn from our children, the new generation of evolution.

All this time we’ve been leaking our energy out to external forces. Giving our power away expecting to feel loved to only be left wanting more. We've been looking outside ourselves ceaselessly, when in reality all the answers, all the love is inside of us.

The journey to ourselves is the shortest in distance yet the longest in time. In fact, the length is only about six inches from the brain to the heart. Once we’re able to truly open up our hearts and genuinely embody unconditional love, all limiting beliefs that have been conditioned in our DNA from this life and past lives, melt away. Only then do we liberate ourselves from the chains imposed on ourselves and are REBORN.

The time has come to free Yourself. Transformation is already in motion. You are and always have been supported by the unconditional love of source. SHINE YOUR LIGHT!

Your Journey is unique to only you.

Light and love,

Maria Palomino

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