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How to protect YOUR Energy from Dark Forces

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

When our energy is ALIGNED we have greater sensitivity to hear the messages of our beloved soul.

How to protect OUR Energy from dark forces

Lightning is blinding to dark forces.

The brighter OUR LIGHT, the higher vibrations we attract.

Energy flows inside out and outside in. Our outer world is merely a reflection of our inner world.

As we align our energy centers and open up our heart, we activate our energetic rainbow bridge that connects the earth to the heavens creating a bright luminous light.

Let us tune-in the mind, body and spirit to the NOW. It is through the heart that we light up the rainbow bridge known as the chakras which are our energy centers that connects us back to the heavenly realms form our earthly grounds.

When our energy is ALIGNED we have greater sensitivity to hear the messages of our beloved soul. We keep a platform of higher frequency for our soul to tune-in to us. Our soul knows the truth of us and loves us unconditionally. It’s our biggest fan. Our soul is continuously streaming information of love to us. Thus, it is up to us to protect and clear our energy so we may continue to be guided by love.

Close Your Eyes and Repeat:


My energy is mine, it always has and it always will be

Visualize cutting cords with anyone or anything that has come across your energetic field and reclaim your power back.

Watch the video to be guided on a soul opening and closing visualization.

How to protect yourself:

  • Command and demand your boundaries

  • Willing to have it happen

  • Allow it to happen

  • Do it everyday and visualize it.

  • Know that the universe, soul, god lives in our heart

  • I AM LOVE - That’s the healer

  • Treat your body like a TEMPLE to HEAR the messages

  • Don’t numb yourself with alcohol or recreational drugs

  • Eat less sugars, processed foods, animal products

  • Avoid news that are fear based

  • Stay away from negative people - Do they leave you depleted or elevated?

  • CHECK - IN with yourself (soul) before making any big decisions

  • Is it right? Is it for me? is it hurtful? harmful? Do the people running the project have the best intention? Are they aware of their energetic portals? Does it serve my highest purpose?

When we ask our soul for a message, our energetic system which is where our soul resides, will respond. It may be right away or later in the day. Be in the present, aware of yourself, in your body and around nature. But one MUST ASK and ALLOW for the message to flow.

Affirmation by Yogananda:

“I am submerged in His eternal light.

It permeates every particle of my being.

I am living in that light,

for the divine Spirit has filled me

within and without.”

Light and love,

Maria Palomino

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