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Greetings Beautiful Souls,

How have you all been feeling?

Many transits have taken place and the FULL MOON in Cancer was no easy task as she opened up past wounding from the unbalanced feminine. It is a GIFT for us to FEEL those emotions and break away from the suppression, dominion and imposed chains that have carried a heavy weight in our ancestry lineage and past lives.

You're not ALONE champions of unconditional love. Remember that ALCHEMY is created through pressure.

Mercury is still retrograde till January 18th so hang in there. Three days later, we will be Glorified and Expanded by the NEW MOON in Airy AQUARIUS on January 21st.

SOOO EXCITING how we're starting 2023 with the first new moon as the same sign of our Aquarius era. This is BIG!

Be READY for big CHANGES. Specially those who have been deeply working on shadow work in the last three years. This is the year we reap what we've sown.

New experiences, feelings and technologies we have never seen or imagined before are coming to the forefront. Welcome and TRUST.

TRUST, TRUST & TRUST on the Divine Plan. The more we TRUST, the more we Receive.


If you're in Los Angeles, JOIN ME on Saturday the 21st, for an In-Person KA "Kundalini Activation" Cacao Ceremony at the Hastens SLEEP SPA in West Hollywood. We will be creating sacred space, sing and charge our prayers into the ancestral Peruvian CACAO before receiving the KA transmission on some of the most LUXURIOUS Beds in the world.

And for everyone else, receiving the VIRTUAL KA transmission on the HEIGHT of the FULL MOON on the 21st will be a treat. As always, we first create sacred space to tune in to our Soul Heart with our own sound vibration, meditation or light breath-work to set our intentions with the ENERGY that is being gifted by the Cosmos before we SURRENDER to receive.

If you missed the live ABUNDANCE MANIFESTATION KA transmission, it's now available for Instant Download at half price. I highly recommend to set sacred space at your home and receive it between the 21st - 24th when the new moon is still at it's height.

Many more surprises to come for 2023. I've been pampering myself since Solstice and slowly coming out of my cave as I integrate all the gifts that have been received which I must express are very COSMICALLY TANTRIC.

It's clear that I'm being prepared to lead the Egypt Initiatic Retreat on the Portal of Equinox in March by the Rose Lineage, Isis Mother, Cosmic Mother and the Hathors for us to step into our Sacred Divine Union

If you'd like to join me in EGYPT and have questions, send me an e-mail.

The Early Bird Special for the Multiple Private Ceremonial Visits, ending inside the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid on Equinox ends January 31st.

$556 Discount


A profoundly moving INITIATION changes your life causing a person to undergo a lifelong TRANSFORMATION. This is not a skill that can be taught from a book or the internet.

It must be experienced with a profound unshakable inner knowing!


A return to Ourselves. Looking INWARDS for all answers with an overflowing fountain of Unconditional Love.

I love you God-goddesses creators.

Light and love,

Maria Palomino


I'm a former KAP Facilitator who has branched out to spread my wings and hold ceremonies freely as my spirit calls.

In the last four years I've spent much time in Bali, Egypt and Mexico before returning to my roots in Peru doing sacred spiritual work. I've been on a fast evolutionary growth lately which many of us are being INITIATED into, which is probably why you've landed on this page.

Some of the Programs I host and have concluded are:

  • Host of, “All Things Spirituality” podcast

  • I AM (Yo Soy) Path - Graduate of the one year and a half program under master teacher, Matias de Estefano out of Cairo, Egypt.

  • Master Energy Healer - Graduate of the one year Life Force Energy school.

  • Self Realization Fellowship - 10+ years life student of the teachings of Ascended Master Paramahansa Yogananda on Kriya Yoga.

  • Kundalini Yoga Teacher - Graduate of the one year kundalini training

  • Kriya Yoga Practitioner +10 years

  • Reiki Practitioner +5 years

  • INCA Initiatic Path with Maria Apaza

  • Energy Healing Techniques Teacher

  • Ayurveda Practitioner - Yogic Science of Life

  • Meditation Techniques Teacher

  • Breathwork (Pranayama) Techniques Teacher

  • KAP - Kundalini Activation Process facilitator training in Costa Rica

  • Atlantean INITIATIC PATH - Along the temples of the Nile River in Egypt

  • Dolphin Star Temple - Pleiadian Light Worker Initiate - Intuitive Reader

I look forward to holding sacred space for your evolutionary healing growth.


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